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Improve your experience working with small, women and minority vendors, contractors, consultants.

Increase your subcontracting utilization plan/performance on government contracts.


Decrease the time needed to prequalify and onboard subcontractors.

Offers a win/win experience for both the prime and the subcontractor!

How do we do this? With training, counseling, mentoring and coaching.


Optional pre-training sessions for businesses are offered on the following topics:

  1. Step procedures for error free applications bid and proposal submittal forms.

  2. Evaluate and build proficiency and capacity of minority, women, small businesses as primes/subcontractors.

  3. Forecast as a way to "create opportunity zones" as prime/subcontractors on government projects.

  4. Improve deficiencies by pivoting your business model with marketing and technology.

  5. Other customized trainings upon request.

Since inception, 
Deborah K. Thompson, Consultants
has been focused on building better strategies for small businesses.

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Deborah K. Thompson

Principal Owner

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